Bianca Trevino is a visual artist, graduated on Fine Arts in Oil Painting from West Virginia University in USA.


She has a bachelor with honors in Landscape Architecture from the same University and has working experience in USA and Mexico. Bianca also has a degree in Art History and studies in Traditional Scroll Painting from the Nanjing Art Institute and The Central Academy of Fine Arts in China.


From 2010 she works with painting and sculpture. In 2014 adapting to a nomadic lifestyle she moved into ink, color pencils, and markers.  Bianca thrives for momentous environmental art performances that are effortlessly erased by Mother Nature. She likes to experiment with materials and collaborate between fields. 

Being a curious woman who loves to get involved in different settings and challenges. Bianca has had the opportunity to live and create across five continents. She reflects on the connection among all beings, the universe, the source of energy and the juxtaposition of culture, humanity evolution, globalization, politics and love. She translates her vision into colorful dances of color.


In 2014 she cooperated with artisans from Southeast Asia to create  bags made of leaves. In 2017 she took back her roots in painting as she experience her first pregnancy, this time experimenting with acrylic, watercolors and ink. In 2018 she created kids wear in Togo, West Africa. Also she has been working on modifiying her art for children aiming to create awareness about environmental issues and cultivate creativity early in life.


Bianca has participated in Group exhibitions in USA, Taiwan, and China. Her last solo show was in Geneva, Switzerland and it was an ultra sensorial experience filled with paintings and installations.

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