Born in USA, raised in Mexico, schooled in USA and China. Now  based in Switzerland and living and working in West Africa. Bianca is a well address as a  nomad who has had the opportunity to live in 5 continents. Her connection and experience with culture, language and nature is translated into design.

She is a curious woman who loves to travel and get involved in different settings.  Bianca enjoys learning innovative recycling methods, languages, and traditions.  Her hobbies include free and scuba diving, trekking, yoga, swimming, and cooking.   On her free time she enjoys reading about Sacred Geometry, Astronomy, Quantum Physics, and Biomimicry.  She reflects on the connection among all beings, the universe, the source of eternal energy and the juxtaposition of pop culture, humanity, politics and love.

Bianca graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from West Virginia University with a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture, and a second Bachelor in Fine Arts. She further her studies on traditional scroll painting, thru 16 cities in China under CAFA The Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the Nanjing Art Institute. She also has a Minor in Art History. She will probably go back to school one day but she´s still not sure for what, until then is self learning.


Bianca designs with the idea of co-existing with nature, in the most environmental possible way. She enjoys recycling material to repurpose.For aesthetics she reflects on the simple pleasures of life like light, sound, touch, and smell. She strongly believes that if design does not relate location and user needs then is not good design. 


Bianca is a feminist advocate and helps women artisans in underdeveloped countries thrive thru her unique design collaborations. 


You can follow her at @thegroomednomad & @biacatrevinodesign


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