Hi beautiful!

This year we are dreaming bigger than ever

We want to create a NGO and call it,


We will design sustainable alternatives to everyday travel needs 

think airplane food wrap, cups, hotellerie toilettie, and much more...

We will collaborate and educate women in underdeveloping countries 

We will provide a fair wage and possibilities of growth

We will do right by the people we reach, the places we touch and the products we make

We will give back

Our giving goals are:

Water holes

Recycling facilities

Animal shelters


We aims to empower and amplify the effect women have on tomorrow’s economy  

We want to increase women’s and girls’ literacy and education giving them a greater and more equal chance in life.  We believe that to do so we need to facilitate their mothers a dignify empowering growing job  

We hope you join us in this new venture

Much love,

The groomed nomad team