The guru is within you



The quest of my genuine self took me to a paradisiac black hole. 


Swirled by two giant mantas after a long swim with a gentile whale shark in the open ocean and I am feeling alive. 


Is one of those intense hot heavy summer days, so hot I am sipping a Coronita.  I am still smiling from my cosmic swim this morning. Now fresh out of the ocean and still on my bathing suit I survey the insolated and unhabituated gem.  


Equipped in a golf cart I set myself to explore the 40km of island.  Along beautiful virgin beaches and sandy unpaved and unpopulated roads I see a turbaned man.  He looks hot, by hot I mean sweaty, dehydrated, and lost in the middle of what it feels like nothing. 


Wait a minute. Do I know him? 


The only way to arrive to this place is by boat or plane. I took a small 6-person boat to paradise yesterday. He was sitting next to me.

We exchanged a few words.  Yes, is him. I offer him a ride. 


4 years later,  3 homes, over a dozen countries visited and one baby boy later and you can find us adveturing in West Africa.








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