La franchise


Jp is here.

Michael father came to visit us for a week. It feels great to see a familiar face. Mateo is super content. He reconnects with him immediately and is eager to play.


I love having family around. I especially adore seeing Mateo interact with them.



Jp brought lots of treats. Our kitchen feels luxurious between Swiss cheeses; Hemp, chia, almonds and pumpkin seeds. For the little one, packed organic baby food with vegetables we don’t find here. Some how life feels a little better. Not sure if is the commodity of comfort food, or the pleasure of having a familiar face around.


To celebrate I made some bliss balls :)



His gifts will help us have a more diverse diet. Something we crave when seating for over 3 weeks in the north of Benin.


It’s been great to have him at home. He lived and worked in African countries before. I appreciate his input and advise greatly. He pimp our home with an electric group and now our kitchen has a better method for disinfecting dishes :) 


And slowly the house is becoming a home. 


This week we have been running a lot of errands. Never a dull moment when cruising in Parakou.  Today we fell on a sewer. XD




Until next time!










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