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Bianca is passionate about life experiences and nature

She has a bachelor's in Fine Art and a bachelor's in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University in the USA. She studied Traditional Scroll Painting at the Nanjing Art Institute and The Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. Her mother tongue is Spanish. She is fluent in English, has French knowledge, and is currently studying German

Bianca is a curious woman who loves to get involved in different settings. She has had the opportunity to live and create across five continents

She thrives on spontaneous art performances that are effortlessly erased by time. Bianca enjoys collaborations across fields. In the last few years, she has been involved in fashion, furniture design, photography, material research, and journalism

To her, there are no borders between fields, and truly enjoys experimenting with new materials.




Moved back to Zürich.  Planning next show



Still in Togo. Painting and sculpting with dead stock. Also freelancing as photograper and journalist



Zürich for 3 months to welcome baby girl. Massive self-reflection and art-making while corona confinement while visiting Holland. Ended up staying for 7 months. Expended last 3 months of the year in Togo



Moved to Togo. Started working on furniture design. Continue painting and another baby on the way



Moved to Benin. ¨100 Overalls for adventure¨ was commissioned to promote nature exploring for Toddlers. Design, color, quality control, and distribution along other life challanges were the experienced


Became pregnant and moved to Zürich. Acrylics became my most common medium. A new facet of life and creation evolved when I became a mom of a boy


Developed magazine for 7+ years old animal enthusiasts aiming to create awareness about endangered species. Currently sold on Amazon, and used by several art professors around the globe.

Wild Extinction Vernissage at The Hub, in Geneve, Switzerland was a very successful event with over 350 people in opening day



Cooperated with artisans in Southeast Asia to improve bag designs made of leaves. Color, texture, shape, and impermeability  were the main focus points



Left the confort of oil painting Mexico and the USA to move into ink, color pencils, and markers to adopt a nomadic lifestyle living from a suitcase



2010 West Virginia University, BS Landscape Architecture, Magna Cum Laude, Honors
2010 West Virginia University, BFA Painting, Magna Cum Laude 

2006 Nanjin Art Institute & The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chinese Scroll Painting


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