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Asylum night

We love the ocean, somehow it always makes us feel calm and home. After three weeks in Parakou we decided to treat ourselves going to the beach to recharge our spirits for a few nights.

8 hrs here we come!

Being still in a place makes us appreciate everything on the long journey even more. One of the things we miss the most is being able to be outdoors hiking and exploring the Swiss Alps. Here we found these splendid rocks that give a little something special to our drive.

And after 9 hours we arrive to Grand Popo. A shoreline between Benin and Togo. Michael discovered when he used to come alone for work and now is a family favorite.

Tonight is a surprise night. We dress properly with long sleeves and pants and we head out for dinner at Michael favorite local restaurant. A very relax small reggae bar.

Everything here takes time. You can easily expect your food to arrive at least an hour after you order. Great practice for patience :)

As Mica sips on a local beer and I drink some pineapple juice our succulent dinner arrives. It looks mouth watering. The taste is even better. With sand in our toes the orange moon disappears to the sound of the breaking waves.

What a magical night.

I love when Mica gives me surprises.

***Moon photo by paulx

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