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         Born in USA, raised in Monterrey, Mexico, and now living in Zürich, Switzerland; Bianca is a nomad who lived in 30 homes by age eighteen. She graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from West Virginia University with a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture, and a second Bachelor in Fine Arts. She further her studies on traditional scroll painting, thru 16 cities in China under CAFA The Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the Nanjing Art Institute. She also has a Minor in Art History. She is fluent in English, and Spanish and at the moment shes is studying French, and German.


Bianca's work hovers between abstraction and representation. Her works appear surreal and abstract, living in their own psycho-architectural world. Her sculptures consist of quartz, seeds, wax, stones, glass, salt, brass, bronze to name some.

Bianca is a curious woman who loves to travel and get involved in different settings, and cultures. She had the opportunity to live abroad for over three months at a time in Mexico, USA, China, Colombia, Switzerland, and Thailand. She has explored extendedly Peru, Bolivia, Chile,  Argentina, and Thailand. She has also explore some of UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Laos, USA, and Mexico. Last year she steped on Africa for the first time, visiting Morroco.

She enjoys learning about cultures, new recycling methods, and languages.   Her hobbies include snorkeling, trekking, yoga, swimming, and cooking.  On her free time she enjoys reading about Sacred Geometry, Astronomy, Quantum Physics, and Biomimicry

Bianca creates on the idea of existing with nature, she is not only doing art, trying to bring consciousness about environmental issues. She´s also doing Landscape Architecture, for aesthetics she reflects on the little pleasures of life. She strongly believes that if design does not relate location and user needs then is not good design. Overall she´s is just a human loving life and looking for her next adventure..

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