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21 days in Parakou

Warmed by smiles and harmonized by the sweet taste of mangos, coconuts, papayas, sweet potatoes, avocados and plantains we find ourselves insolated in Parakou.

With bright red soil and puddles the size of a children’s swimming pool we discover our new neighborhood.

I would lie if I say that there’s no tiredness and stress involved in this adventure. Among the palu (malaria) risk, the extra steps to sanitize everything we eat, the heat (always between 28º-33ºC), daily electricity cuts, bad internet, and not being able to fully communicate with my limited French. Tension can be daily entity, yet we thrive for adventure. The excitement of discovering new places and seeing Mateo´s eyes light up add to this equation and invaluable meaning.

There’s not much to do here. The market is my new favorite place.

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