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JoVO jovo

Wacky stomach flu lasting over two weeks and having issues to stick to our usual weight.

We are getting tired of eating the same stuff day after day. Even Mateo refuses sweet potatoes now. Being sick does not help.

Mateo and I visit the market every other day to search for new ingredients to excite our taste buds. I leave with the habitual; tomatoes, onions, garlic, avocado, some days we find small eggplants. We truly enjoy the interaction with locals. They call us Jovo. They even have a song for us :)

Is been little over a month living here. You would think that we are used to the place and its customs by now, yet I am still touched every time I walk out of our home. Poverty is everywhere. Education is very limited. What I see, feel and experience makes no sense. I try to remember that life is a process. Challenging, beautiful and packed with views and knowledge. We are all just passing by living a human experience.

I see our neighbors collecting water while the storm is pouring, as they have no running water at home. The toilet is basically anywhere. Cuts on water and power are very frequent.

Life here is very simple. I notice how as our time here progresses we also become simpler. Not only on what we eat, but also on what we wear and on what we do. Maybe somehow we are doing more of what really matters in life. Enjoying more family time and less time in the net.

The simple thought of our lives in Switzerland makes it feel like a fantasy. Hard to believe we are in the same world.

Here if you want a chicken or any kind of animal you have to go get it. Select it, buy, kill it, clean it, and cut it. Or you could buy one from the guys below. I just can´t deal with the act. I believe that if more people had to do this to acquire their food, everybody would be more conscious about consumption. Today I am grateful we are not big meat eaters.

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